10 Best 16 GB DDR4 RAMs to Buy Under $125

Are you getting bored with the slow speed of your PC and want to change want to change your older RAM with brand new one. In this article, I am going to list the top 10 best 16 GB DDR4 RAMs to Buy Under $125. These RAMs are of latest technology and will give a boost to the PC. These DDR4 RAMs are way better than the older DDR3 in comparison of Speed and performance.

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List of Top 16 GB DDR4 RAMs Under $150

With Bundles of RAMs available on the market to buy, here I am providing the list of top 16 GB DDR4 RAMs under $150. The products listed below are of best quality and are very popular in the market.

1. Patriot Viper 4 16 GB

Patriot Viper is a 4 series DDR4 16 GB (2 X 8GB) RAM for Intel x99 and later platforms with the Memory Speed of 3400 MHz. This kit provides the best performance and stability for the most advanced computers. Patriot Viper 4 is designed with high-performance heat shield for the heat sink to increase the performance while using with large applications.

2. G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16 GB

G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16 GB DDR4 RAM is a high-performance memory device made for Gaming PC with Intel X99 system Stylish aluminum heat spreader design to keep the memory cool. It is a 288-Pin type RAM with 3000 MHz Memory Speed.

3. G.Skill Trident Z  16 GB (Dual Channel Kit)

G.Skill Trident Z is the latest high-performance DDR4 RAM, which is designed for gaming and overclocking. It can be easily optimized to the latest 6th Gen Intel Core Processors and Z170 chipsets. The Memory Speed of this RAM is 3200MHz with full memory timings of CL16-18-18-38 at 1.35V Power Supply. It is fully designed with two-colored heat sinks and a new fin design to keep it cool on high performance.

4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB

Corsair Vengeance LPX is a 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM which is made to give high-performance overclocking. This RAM has the latest technology heatsink to keep it cool while using in high-performance mode. Also optimized for the latest Intel 100 Series motherboards and offers higher frequencies and lower power consumption.

5. HyperX FURY Black 16GB

HyperX FURY Black 16GB used the latest technology and has a function of install – plug-and-play which is not very common in this types of RAMs. It has FURY heat spreader which allows it to cool down fast and gives a high performance of 2133 MHz Memory Speed. HyperX FURY is compatible with Intel’s 6- or 8-core processors for faster video editing, 3D rendering, gaming and AI processing.

6. Ballistix Sports LT 16GB

Ballistix Sports LT 16GB is designed for performance enthusiasts, gamer and those who love speed. Ballistix Sport is engineered to give faster speeds and run demanding applications with ease. It has unbelievable Memory Speed of 2400 MT/s which makes it different from other DDR4 RAMs.

7. Corsair Vengeance 16GB

Corsair Vengeance LED Series DDR4 RAMs modules are designed to provide an unusual look with dynamic LEDs and a precision designed light bar to gain others attraction. Built-in heat spreaders will ensure proper cooling and improve the thermal conductivity of the device. It has 2666 MHz Memory Speed with latest Intel X99 and 100 series motherboards.

8. Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB

Crucial Ballistix Sports 16GB DDR4 RAM is a high-performance Memory Card at an affordable price. Its Memory Speed is 2400 MHz which make it fast and smooth to work with and requires no BIOS setting as it has a special feature of just plug-and-play.

9. Crucial 16GB Single DDR4 RAM

Crucial 16GB Single DDR4 RAM is integrated with latest technology and memory speed of 2133 MHz. It is a DDR4 ECC UDIMM layout of 288 pins which consumes up to 40% less power.

10. Kingston HyperX 16GB RAM

Kingston HyperX 16GB RAM is very powerful and fast RAM with the latest advances in mobile DRAM technology. It is provided with Plug and Plays feature which requires no BIOS settings. HyperX Impact DDR4 automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, up to 2133 MHz.

Hope you will like my Collection for the best RAM’s under Budget of Just $125 and with a RAM Size of 16GB. If I missed something important, please pardon me and share it with others in the comments below.

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