How to Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache in Windows 10

Thumbnail cache on your computer is nothing but a copy of all of your documents, pictures, and video thumbnails stored in a file. Theautomatically generates them and keeps a copy of thumbnails for all documents, video, and pictures on your PC so that they can be displayed without any delay when you open a folder. if the thumbnails are corrupted, then clearing the thumbnails cache should solve the issue.

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In this article, I will guide you through very simple methods with step by step process on how to clear and reset the thumbnail cache in Windows 10. There is more than one way out there to clear and reset thumbnail cache in Windows 10 of yours PC. Basically, you can use the Disk Cleanup option or you can clear thumbnail cache using Command Prompt. You can also use the third party program for this task.

Steps to Clear Thumbnail Cache using Disk Cleanup

Step-1: Click on the taskbar search box which is available on the left bottom of the screen, type Disk Cleanup and then press the Enter button.

Step-2: Once you press the enter button the Disk Cleanup utility will be open on your screen.

Step-3: Now on the drive selection screen, select your system drive (the drive where Windows 10 is installed) and then click on the OK button.

Step-4: Now you have to wait for few minute as the disk cleanup utility will scan how much space you will be able to free on the drive.

Step-5: After that, a new pop-up will open and here under Files to delete the section you have to select the checkbox which is right next to the option Thumbnails.

Step-6: Once you check the checkbox now click on the OK button to delete the thumbnail cache.

After you click on OK button it will show you the confirmation dialog. Before clicking the Yes button you need to make sure that you have selected only Thumbnails option in order to avoid any data loss.

2. Steps to clear Thumbnail Cache using Command Prompt

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Step-1: Before opening the command prompt you need to make sure that all the running programs, as well as the file explorer on your computer, are closed.

Step-2: Now open the Command Prompt by right click on the start menu and then select Command Prompt (Admin)  from the menu or you can open the Command prompt by typing in the toolbar search box and then select from there.

Step-3: Click on the Yes button when you see the User Account Control (UAC) prompt.

Step-4: In the Command Prompt you have to type the following command :

cd /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer

and then press the Enter button to execute the above command.

Step-5: Once the above command is executed now type attrib -h thumbcache_*.db and then press the Enter button to execute.

Step-6: Finally you have to type del thumbcache_*.db and then press Enter key to delete all thumbnail cache files from your computer.

Step-7: Now to finish the process and save the changes you have to Restart your computer

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3. Clear Thumbnail Cache using a Third-Party Program

To clear the thumbnail cache files from yourusing a third party there are many tools available for this task in which one of them is the Thumbnail Database Cleaner tools. To use this tool follow the steps given below.

Step-1: First you need to download Thumbnail Database Cleaner from their official website.

Step-2: Once it is successfully downloaded on your computer now install and run the program.

Step-3: After that launch, the Thumbnail Database Cleaner tool there click on the browse button and then select the drive where Windows 10 is installed on your computer.

Step-4: Now click on the Start search button to start finding the thumbnail cache files.

Step-5:  Once you click on the button all the thumbnail cache files will appear in the list and here select all these files. Once the files are selected now click on the Clear button which is available at the bottom to delete all the files from your computer.

This is all for this article I hope these steps help you to clear and reset the thumbnail cache in Windows 10 without any difficulty.

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