How to Download Windows 10 Lock Screen/Spotlight Wallpaper

Have you bored with the old windows 10 lock screen wallpaper that appears daily on your screen? If your answer is yes then this post is for you.has the impressive feature which is called Windows Spotlight which offers the stunning and beautiful images automatically chosen from Microsoft Bing. It provides high-resolution images which look absolutely great.

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If you want to see the random wallpaper on the lock screen every time you open your system then this feature is quite impressive and great. Now, Let’s have a look at the process how to Find the Windows Spotlight wallpaper.

How to Find Windows Spotlight Wallpaper

Step 1: Find all the stored images on your Windows 10 system. Before this, it is needed to Hold your Windows key plus R [Win + R] to launch the Run dialog prompt.

Step 2 After that just enter the command in the space being provided for it, as this command will take you directly to the desired place in your computer.


Step 3 Once you entered the command, a folder will be opened in File Explorer with non-specific file names as seen in the below screenshot.

Step 4 Copy and paste the files into a new folder preferably something under PC followed by Pictures and then Spotlight as a permanent location.

PC > Pictures > Spotlight

Note: You will see a warning prompt when you go to copy the files, simply hit OK to the warning.

Step 5 Change the name of all the files with EXTENSION JPG, simply Hit Shift + Right-click with your mouse in the directory where you copied the images. Choose Open command window here and type in (or copy and paste).

Ren *.* *.jpg

Note: Some of the files are cached junk and won’t be actual images from Spotlight.

Step 6 Delete all the files that you don’t want, simply by Ctrl + Left-click on the mouse to multi-select files.

Note: Some of the images will also be vertical. For the vertical images, you may have to copy and paste them into a different folder and further you can them on your Lock screen.

That’s it! This is how you can use this method for downloading lock screen wallpaper on Windows 10, you can also use these steps every couple of week or whenever needed in order to change the wallpaper of your.

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After completing these steps, I hope it’s easy for you to download the lock screen wallpaper/spotlight on windows 10.

Other Ways to Get Spotlight/Lock Screen Wallpaper

If you are not suitable with the above steps, then you also have some other choices that can help you to Find Windows Spotlight Wallpaper.

Method 1: 

Get the SpotBright app for which you have to pay a small amount of money i.e one dollar, and from there you can easily download the spotlight wallpaper in simply 2 steps. With this beautiful app, you can download spotlight wallpapers in full HD resolution even landscape and Portrait.

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Method 2: 

Use a clever PowerShell command. You can easily do this with the help of Powershell command. Let me tell you the process step by step.

Step:1 First comes first, Create a folder on your desktop named as “Pics” or anything else.

Step:2 Just type Windows Powershell or Powershell in the search bar as seen in the screenshot.

Step:3 Now, the new blue window tab will appear as seen in the screenshot.

Step:4 The next step is to paste the following code in the Windows Powershell,

Here’s the code “Get-ChildItem -Path $env:localappdata\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets | Copy-Item -dest {“$home\desktop\pics\” + $_.BaseName + ($i++) +”.jpg” }

Step:5 Now go to PICS Folder on your desktop that you have created and hooray the all pics will come automatically from the Assets folder. You can delete the irrelevant files.

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