How to Fix Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user and recently upgrade your Windows or Graphics driver and facing the blue screen of death error before starting the Window and shows error as VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, then it is a serious issue. This error can reboot your system all of sudden with the same blue screen. Some users also called it.

Thiserror displays the file name depending on your graphics card that is triggering the error. This error may show up the file called igdkmd64.sys or nvlddmkm.sys which are related to Intel integrated graphics. If you are usingor ATI graphics card, then the error may show up the file name atikmpag.sys.

As the technology is improving day by day, the(Graphical Processing Unit) in the computer system is also taking the level up to the time. Because of these improvement process, there occur some issues which only detects after you update the drivers. But, there are always some correction methods which you can apply to fix these kinds of errors.

So, in this article, I am going to provide you two working methods for fixing the Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10. Just follow the simple steps carefully and fix the problem instantly.

Methods to Fix Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10

For fixing this issue in Windows 10, there are two working methods which you should try.

Method 1: Change the Graphics Settings of Intel HD Graphics

By changing the Graphics Settings of Intel, it is possible to fix this Error permanently. For doing this, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to system tray and click on Intel HD graphics.

Step 2: Now, go to the Graphics Properties and Choose 3D settings from control panel window.

Step 3: After opening the 3D settings from control panel window, now click on Enable under Application Optimal mode.

Step 4: Click on the Use Application settings under Anti-Aliasing.

Step 5: Now you have to turn off the Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing.

Step 6: Go to the general settings and click on the Balance mode.

After completing the above steps, now you have to again go to the Graphics Control panel and perform the following steps:

Step 7: Now, choose the Video Settings.

Step 8: Under the section of Standard Color Correction, you have to click on the application settings.

Step 9: Now, at the bottom of the Window, click on Application settings under Input range. See the image below for your reference.

Step 10: Finally, click on the Save Profile and then on Apply.

After completing the above steps, restart your PC and see if the problem is solved or not. If the problem exists, try out another method.

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Method 2: Reinstall the Default Graphics Drivers

Reinstalling the Default Graphics Driver is also the option for fixing the Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10. So, try out the steps carefully.

Step 1: First, boot your.

Step 2: Now, open Device Manager by right-clicking on the start menu.

Step 3: Once the device manager is open. Now you have to expand the Display Adapters section and right-click on the display device. See the image below for the reference.

Step 4: After completing the above step, click on the Uninstall device from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: After clicking on Uninstall Device, another window will open. On that window, select the checkmark on Delete the driver software for this device and hit Enter or click on Uninstall.

Finally, restart your Windows PC into normal mode. After this, install the latest version of the driver for your system using the Scan for hardware changes option. After this, the Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10 will be fixed.

So, this is all for this article. Hope you have successfully fixed the Video_TDR_Failure Error in Windows 10. If you have any query related to this article, comment below. If you have some other methods, please share with us. We will definitely try to solve your problem and also take your advice.

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