How to Hide App list in Start Menu in Windows 10

In the recent update,has released the option to hide App list in Start menu in Windows 10 and in this post you get to know enable the new option. The Windows 10 Operating System is proven to be one of the efficient, reliable and the most used Operating System for Laptops and Desktop for Home, Work or Design.

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A lot of users focusing on the design elements of their computer Start Menu little as you can also manage your start menu by hiding the application list which you don’t want in the start menu. In this article, I will explore all steps that are needed to hide app list in the start menu in Windows 10.

How to Hide App list in Start Menu

To hide the apps from the start menu you need to follow the steps given below.

Step-1: First click on the Start menu and here click on the Setting button.

Step-2: Now in the setting window click on the Personalization option.

Step-3:  Once you click on the personalization option now you have to select the Start option which is available on the left pane of the screen.

Step-4: Now on the right side of the screen find the setting that says “Show app list in Start menu”.

Step-5: One you find this option now you have to turn off the toggle switch by sliding it to the left side to hide the app list from the Start menu.

Once you finish all the steps given above the app list from the start menu will disappear and the start menu will look less broad. When the app list has hidden the power, settings and other icons in the extreme left pane of the Start menu will continue to appear.

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Also, when you hide the Start menu app list, thewill add a show app list icon to the extreme-left pane so that users can temporarily view all apps, recently added and most used lists. If you want to revert back the changes then you can easily revert changes if you do not like your new Start menu. To revert the changes, simply switch back the settings you changed while following the above steps.

This is all for this article I hope these steps help you a lot to hide application list in the start menu in Windows 10 without any difficulty. If you liked the article then please share it on social media and with your friends. And if you want to ask any question or you want to suggest any update regarding this article then you are welcome to comment below in the comment section. Your comments and feedback are always valuable for us.

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