How to Turn on Windows Defender On Windows 10

In this article, we will discuss about Windows defender. What defender is? Basically, defender means to protect someone against some attack, and Windows is an operating system. Thus the word Windows Defender means that it is an application which protects the operating system from some virus.

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Windows Defender is a malware protection that helps identify and remove viruses, spyware, and another virus prone software. Windows Defender will turn off automatically when you will install an antivirus in your system, and when you have uninstalled your antivirus, it will again turn on.

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But sometimes your Windows Defender will not turn on automatically and when this happen with you, you have to go through those steps, that I am going to discuss in today’s topic.

How to Start Windows Defender Manually On Windows 10

These steps will help you to enable Windows Defender on your system.

Step 1 Firstly go to control panel and then click on the WINDOWS DEFENDER SETTING and turn it on to enable the windows defender.

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Step 2 A notification center will appear on your screen if you are not using any antivirus.

NOTE: –  If you miss this notification, you can see it in the Notification & Action Center.

Step 3 Once you click on the notification center, a dialogue box appears on your screen showing what security applications you have installed on your computer.

Step 4 After this just click on the Windows Defender and turn it ON.

Step 5 Once you are done with this, click on the UPDATE DEFINITIONS seen on your screen.

Step 6 In order to make your security feature update, click on the SETTINGS link seen on the right side of the dialogue box appears on your screen.

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You can also access it by opening the settings and click on the update and security after that further click on the Windows Defender.

Step 7 Once your settings box is opened you have to turn on the REAL-TIME PROTECTION and CLOUD-BASED PROTECTION and AUTOMATIC SAMPLE SUBMISSION.

These are the steps that you have to follow in order to enable Windows Defender on your system, also these are the steps which you can use to modify your security application which you can use like antivirus or Windows Defender.

I hope these steps helps you to remove junk files from your system inwithout any difficulty. If you liked the article, then please share it on social media. And if you want to ask any question or you want to suggest any update regarding this article, then comment below in the comment section.

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